Bias Furniture Set


Instantly converts your standard chase to a bias chase.

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Best practice when locking up a form is of course to have the lines of type parallel to the rollers.   Setting the form at a slight angle, however, will make the initial contact of the rollers on the type smoother.  But that’s not the primary reason for using bias furniture.  When printing a box border, or any form with rule or a line of type perpendicular to the rollers, the full length of that line will contact the surface of the roller at the same place in its circumference, which results in poor inking.  Bias furniture introduces a slight angle to the form so that the vertical line or border contacts the roller in a gentle spiral.  We consulted our alchemist’s charts and determined that the optimum angle for this would be 1 degree, 7 minutes, 24.6 seconds.  Bias furniture is a simple, inexpensive item that will facilitate a permanent improvement in your platen presswork.

Sets are in stock for 8×12 and 10×15 presses, but we can make them for any chase size—just send us an email with your request.  (Really big sizes may require special packaging and extra postage beyond our flat rate.)

Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 1 × 1 in

For 6½ x 10 Chase, For 8 × 12 Chase, For 10 × 15 Chase, For 12 x 18 Chase, Custom

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