International Shipping

We Ship Worldwide

Skyline has many overseas customers, and we can easily ship type anywhere in the world.  The mode we use is U.S. Postal Service Flat Rate Boxes.  These are 8½ x 11 x 5½ inches, go by air, and have a weight limit of 20-lbs (9 kg).  A net payload of 18½-lbs (8.8 kg) can be accommodated.  Shipping charge will be the actual postage amount set by USPS.  This is typically revised each January, and the current (2020) rate is US$51.55 to Canada; all other countries US$75.95-$81.75 (about $4.11-$4.42 per lb of type if packed to the limit).  Skyline pays the fee for currency conversion.  Some of our customers use a freight forwarder, and pay by wire transfer; if you wish to place a large order this may be to your advantage.  You might also consider assembling a cooperative order with other printers in your region, so as to get full value from the postage.  There is one other option, and that’s the Small Flat Rate Box, with a weight limit of 4-lbs and postage $35.35-$38.60 (Canada $27.90).  Its 3½-lb payload will allow shipment of some single items.

The weight of each product is shown in its listing, in the Additional Information tab below the photo.  The easiest way to build your order is in the Cart: near the bottom of the page there’s a Total Weight field that automatically shows the net weight of your order in real-time.  You can move items in and out of the Cart as much as you want, watching the total weight, and then proceed to Checkout only when and if you’re ready.

Although we have never actually lost an international shipment, several have been oddly diverted or even returned to sender.  (Each time we have attempted to ship to African countries, the box was returned because local airlines could not x-ray through the type.   For that reason, for delivery to Africa, we will only ship to domestic US freight forwarders .)

For those countries which have Customs fees, including UK and Australia, we make every effort to minimize the declared value.  Contents are described as “Book Printing Type”.  We understand that this is a non-taxable item for import into the UK, but Customs has still taxed some shipments, and even returned them to sender for reasons we were not able to determine.  Because of unpredictable handling by foreign postal systems, we operate under the following policy:

Skyline is pleased to ship anywhere in the world, but our responsibility and liability for what may happen to a shipment ends when the box leaves the custody of the U.S. Postal Service, as shown by online tracking data. However, PayPal users are covered by Purchase Protection. This free insurance may pay for a lost shipment and we encourage you to take advantage of it. You may read full details or file a claim on the PayPal web site.

You are invited to assemble an order totaling up to 18½-lbs per box.  Your type ships immediately, and you’ll receive an automatic tracking message.