Skyline gets nicked for a 3% fee when customers order by credit card or PayPal. We’d rather give that money to YOU than to them!

This coupon is ONLY valid with payment by mailed check.
If used with PayPal or Credit Card, you will be billed for the
difference and your order will be delayed.

Just select Pay by Check when you checkout, enter Coupon Code 3FREE and the discount will be automatically applied. This’ll cost you a stamp, but on a big order it could save you big bucks.

The fine print: for new customers placing their first order, type will be shipped after receipt of payment. Thence and for all other returning customers, shipment will be made immediately and we’ll trust you to mail a check. Coupon is not valid with payment by PayPal or credit card. International customers may avail themselves of this discount, if payment is made with a check in U.S. dollars drawn on a U.S. bank, otherwise PayPal or credit card must be used.

* * *