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The Thompson
Type Casting Machine

This page is being developed as a repository of technical information about the Thompson Type Casting Machine.

Both original and published material are solicited for posting.



Instructions for Operating the Thompson Typecaster  (1925 Edition)

This is a manual and illustrated parts list for the Thompson published by the Thompson Type Machine Company in 1925, before its acquisition by the Lanston Monotype Machine Company. While this is a relatively early document, many of the operating procedures it describes remain relevant for later machines. The part numbers called out in it are Thompson company part numbers, not Monotype company part numbers.

Monotype-Thompson Adjustments
(1956 Edition)

This is an operating manual and illustrated parts list for the Thompson published by the Lanston Monotype Machine Company in 1956. It describes the American version of the caster.

This scan of this document is complete, but has not yet been edited so as to be easily readable. It consists of the “raw” page scans of a disassembled copy of the book. The pages, consequently, do not read in their proper order.

General Instructions for Operating and Maintaining a Standard ‘Monotype’ Thompson Typecaster  (1954 Edition)

English Monotype Publication.

We presently do not have a scan of this publication available online.

Monotype-Thompson Type-Caster Parts Price List  (1942 Revision)

This is an un-illustrated parts list (with prices) for the Thompson published in 1941 (revised 1942) by the Lanston Monotype Machine Company. A Parts Price List such as this is of interest to the operator and restorer of a machine because it identifies each part of the machine and indicates, when appropriate, the grouping of parts. It also identifies all of the attachments and supplies available.