The Matrix Vault

The Matrix Vault


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Revised November 8, 2018


Vertical Alignment Data



A table of vertical alignment standards for display matrices as compiled by Skyline Type Foundry.

Unless indicated otherwise, matrix font numbers are Lanston Monotype series numbers. The prefix ‘E’ on a series number indicates that it is an English Monotype series. The abbreviation ‘NM’ indicates a non-Monotype matrix font.

The alignment values are derived from the following sources, listed here in order of priority:

  1. Skyline-Type-Foundry-61-mat-cThe line standard information marked on an original Monotype label on a box for the matrix font in question.
  2. The most common physical line standard among all of the matrix fonts owned by Skyline Type Foundry of the face and size in question.
  3. The line standard information marked on a non-Monotype label on a matrix font box.
  4. Skyline-Type-Foundry-116-mat-dThe physical line standard found with the Skyline matrix font of this face and size, if there is only one font which has a line standard and no other information is available.
  5. Skyline-Type-Foundry-126-mat-gA line standard which Skyline has determined to be appropriate for the font in the course of casting it.