“Type as Perfect as Man and Machine Can Make It”

The matrices and machinery at Skyline have come down to us from many historic type foundries of the past.  The statement above was the motto of one of these companies.  We enthusiastically embrace this philosophy to which we are heir, and do our best to live up to it!  It’s very rewarding when we receive favorable reviews from our customers.  Vanity has at last overcome modesty, and so this page is set aside for your comments about Skyline Type—and we invite them.

I just wanted to let you know that I collected my package today and all is well. The type is beautiful and I can’t wait to start using it. Thanks for posting to the UK so quickly and for packing it so carefully.

—K. H., England 2013

Thank you very much for some very beautiful types – can’t wait to print with them 🙂

—Denmark 2013

The type is soooo beautiful!! I love it – and so well packaged!! It was like a present 🙂 I will be sure to order more from you.

—V. O. Chicago 2013

It is pleasure that goods arrive.

—M. Y., Japan 2013

The package of type arrived on Monday. Only Air Force One or Santa Claus could have gotten it here sooner. 🙂  Thank you so much, everything is beautiful.

—L. W., Vermont 2013

Goods arrived.  Thank you.  It is very much satisfied!

—M. Y., Japan 2013

I received the shipment of type some days ago, and I must say that it was VERY well packed.  I am so impressed with way that you box up these fonts.  And of course the type is great.

—S. N., West Virginia 2013

I just wanted to let you know that my Border 1259 arrived safe and sound in the UK and I am thrilled with it.  Thanks so much, I’m sure I’ll be ordering again from you!

—K. H., England 2013

Pleased to advise that type arrived last Tuesday and I am very happy with it. Many thanks.

T. L., Australia 2013

We love our type, borders, and ornaments!  We’ve already used everything on a few different projects!  We’re already planning our next order. Thank you so much!

C. C., Nashville 2013

Thank you so much for your excellent service.  Merci beaucoup et bonne continuation!

L. V., Quebec 2013

I received your type today, may I say what a pleasure it is dealing with the yanks, your service is second to none, the quality of your type is excellent, and the presentation of your type in its boxes is beautiful. I’ll definitely be having more of that.

A. T., England 2013

We’ve bought a bunch of your type for our fledgling press operation and have loved the excellent stuff we get from you.

J. G., Itinerant 2013

We have got the font letters you sent us. THANK YOU SO MUCH. Looking forward for continued comparation …

—A. N., Uganda 2013

If you stopped casting type, letterpress printers would gather outside your door with torches and pitchforks.

—D. M., Wisconsin 2013

Thank you for the prompt service and beautiful type! Your type is so special and I am so grateful that there is a foundry like yours that provides such wonderful type with excellent craftsmanship and marvelous service.

—L. C., Hawaii 2013

Your casting is as good as any of the best foundry that I have. The packaging is superb and the quick delivery was surprising! Thanks, again, for a superb product!

—D. G., Connecticut 2013

We are basically taking on small jobs here and there so that we can save coin and buy more fonts from yourself. We love your work!

—F. G., Australia 2012

I just gave one of my apprentices some Skyline type as her wedding gift.

—J. H., Arkansas 2012

Got all my type & borders in. Thank you!! Love them all.

—S. L., Dallas 2012

Type arrived and looks great. Packaged so well that three postal employees who tried to damage it and couldn’t got frustrated and took it out on each other.

—J. M., Denver 2012

Thanks for making good, affordable type available to letterpress lovers!

—J. W., Missouri 2012

I’m fixing up a few smaller table presses so I can tutor a few people this year and so I showed some local graphic Artists your fonts. They flipped out at the quality and artisanship—like I did when I first opened a fresh box. They had only worked on computers prior.

—F. G., Australia 2012

We bought a couple of Art Deco type sets from you a month or two ago, and we love them. The font is great and the type is very well cast, we really like your work.

—J. G., Georgia 2012

I just wanted to let you know I received the type and I am very impressed. The quality of type is amazing. Thank you.

—H. G., Utah 2012

My type arrived and I couldn’t be happier and am printing away…but now I would like more…

—K. S., Canada 2012

I love the type!! I printed the labels for my newest artist book with some of it. I hope to get more someday.

—B. T., Portland 2012

The 18pt News Gothic arrived with today’s mail and I have distributed it. I have to say that again you’ve exceeded my expectations! This is really fine type, well cast, solid in the body, and really well done. I can’t wait to use it.

—A. D., San Francisco 2012

You do an amazing job of packing. We are thrilled with the type.

—K. L., New York 2012

The type arrived yesterday. As usual, perfect packing and immaculate casting. Looking forward to doing some setting and printing this weekend.

—D. L., Australia 2012

I received your package today, and opened it excitedly. It was a wonderful job of casting–and of packaging. Again, great job. Many thanks.

—S. N., West Virginia 2012

Thanks so much; I absolutely LOVE your type, and so do my customers!

—S. W., Missouri 2012

The type arrived safe and sound today. Extremely pleased with it all. Many thanks for your customary highly efficient, friendly service. May your splendid enterprise continue to thrive!

—R. F., Australia 2012

Thank you for the excellent service over the last six years or so. Skyline type is first class.

—G. J., New Orleans 2012

The type arrived. I haven’t proofed it yet, but it looks fine. I’ve had enough type shipped to me from other foundries that I think I can say this with some authority: your packaging is second to none. I believe you’ve developed the indestructible box!

—J. G., Washington 2012

The Collections have arrived and they are beautiful Thanks!

—R. V., New York 2012

I want to thank you for your help in choosing the right font, and  the quick service in sending the 36 pt. Narciss font to me.  You saved the day, and the font was perfect for what I needed. It has been very nice working with you and I look forward to my next font purchase!

—D. J., Nebraska 2012

I received your type shipment a couple of days ago–beautiful!

—J. H., Minnesota, 2011

Thank you so much for the type. Wow! I am totally blown away by how beautifully they are crafted. Really outstanding work mate! I look forward to putting in another order in the near future when I get some more moola together!

—F. G., Australia 2011

Always a pleasure to do business with you.

—B. R., England, 2011

Thank you for being always nice to me. A new order is requested.

—M. T., Japan 2011

Good evening. Baggage arrived today. Thank you. Again on the occasion of ordering thanking you in advance.

—E. K., Japan 2011

The 1st box arrived yesterday. The printing type was the highest quality. Then, I think that I would like to ask you for the next order.

—M. T., Japan, 2011

The types and borders were received today in good order and in forthright manner. The workmanship and quality of packaging was found to be beyond all cavil.

—D. J., Michigan

The Uncial casting is excellent.

—C. R., Indiana

We received the type today: it’s beautiful! I’m so pleased, I’m speechless. The packing was impeccable, everything just looks great. I can’t thank you enough. I can’t wait to print with this type, and I have no doubt we’ll be ordering more soon.

—J. D., San Francisco

The parcels arrived a few days ago.  I’m very impressed with the quality and the excellent packing and I will definitely be ordering more when finances permit (I have just bought a lovely 1887 demy Albion and two cabinets of type).

—D. L., Australia

I’ve been very happy with the type and borders I’ve bought from Skyline and am sending this recommendation with the hope that Sky will make enough profit to continue casting type for many years.

—D. T., California

Thank you very much for allowing me to visit you last week.  I was very impressed with your shop and the care you take with your equipment and the production of type, borders, and ornaments.

—H. C., North Carolina, 2011

The Keynote 36 point arrived today! All packed securely. I love it! So beautiful! You do terrific work with the type and ornaments. Thank you so much!  I greatly appreciate your great, prompt service!

—L. C., Hawaii, 2011

The Worrell uncial arrived today – excellent.  Very beautifully done.

—M. A., Maryland 2011

I just wanted to thank you and give you a thumbs up for both the quality of your product, and the care you put into making sure it arrives safely.  The effort is very evident.

—J. F., Connecticut, 2011

I tell all of my workshop students that you make excellent type and I have always appreciated your attention to detail.

—S. B., Virginia, 2011

Excellent! The type looks great and I can’t wait to get it into print.

—J. F., Chicago, 2010

All the letterpress type arrived safe, sound and beautiful! Thank You.

—D. B., Canada, 2010

I distributed the 12pt News Gothic on Halloween; pun intended here, but what a treat!  Beautiful type as with the other type I’ve purchased from you..  I also distributed the Worrell Uncial which I’d had sitting here. Also beautiful type.  I’m really delighted.

—A. D., California, 2010

I’m glad you liked my printed piece. I had a TON of fun putting it together. Thank you for making such awesome borders for us to use. They fit so well together!

—S. W., Wisconsin, 2010

Just a line to let you know our daughter loved the type (she called it “so exciting”).  And she marveled at the meticulous packing job.  Her words were: “…packaged so beautifully, perfectly fit into the little boxes with wood spacers and cotton on top.  He glued/taped everything to a piece of plywood so it wouldn’t move a fraction of an inch in transit.”   Wow.  Thanks for your wonderful work.

—E. H., New York, 2010

Many thanks again for the type and its prompt arrival.  

G.M., Australia, 2010

We received the type and ornaments. I must say, my expectations were exceeded. Very nicely done! Thanks much … fine printing requires fine type!

—R.S., Washington, 2010

Got both the typefaces and they look great!  I can’t wait to delve in.  I’ve had some bad experiences getting type for a heavy premium, only to be  jilted by a poor cast, done by someone who doesn’t have the attention to detail that you have. I have never had an issue with anything I’ve gotten from you.

—J.F., Illinois, 2010

The type arrived safe and sound … It looks great! Thanks again for your wonderful and prompt work.

—M.M., New Jersey, 2010

I never thought there would be another foundry that would cast 19th century type like Charles Broad did, but you have achieved that, and more.

—G. Q., Ontario, 2010

Regarding the last post, please don’t include Skyline Type Foundry with the “monotype shops.” This implies that they use softer monotype type metal which wears faster, and this is not true.  Skyline uses Thompson type casting machines which produce foundry quality type. In addition, the type metal which Skyline uses, is old worn out foundry type which has been melted down and recycled. This metal has the hardness and durability which is desirable in handset type. I have purchased many fonts from them and have been more than satisfied.  Skyline Type Foundry in particular, has gone to great lengths to cast some of the beautiful and ornate types of long ago, and many of these have never been digitized. This gives us letterpress printers an edge over the other sellers of invitations, etc., because we can provide these fonts, whereas the people who set type strictly off the computer, cannot provide them.

—anon., Briar Press Forum, 2009

I’ve bought fonts of type from [Skyline] and been very happy.

—A.K., Briar Press Forum, 2009

Many thanks for the type. Very happy indeed!

—N.F., Australia, 2009

I am very pleased with the way you have handled my inquiry and with your fonts.

—R.E., Australia 2009

I am greatly enjoying the Iroquois and Glyptic I got from you. I would like to order two more fonts of Iroquois, and one of the Ben Franklin Decorative Initials.

—B.H., Minnesota, 2009

Thanks for all the great type … It really helped me build our collection. Your items are always terrific! I can’t wait till you cast Della Robbia in 8-10-12 points. We used your 36pt on our poster which was gorgeous.

 —C. I., Arizona, 2009

Not only did you get my type out the door quickly; the Post Office made quick work of getting it here.  Needless to say, I am very, very pleased with it, to say the least.

—I.S., Oregon, 2009

Thanks for a beautiful font of Glyptic. Got it yesterday. It’s gorgeous!  And it came so professionally wrapped. It seems to me that it would take longer to wrap up a font for shipment that it would to cast the type.  Now I must find a place to put it. Perhaps I can get rid of some Cheltenham.

—J.K., Maryland, 2009

Just used one of the Egmont initials and very lovely.  Everything is very nice and I wanted to thank you for your craftsmanship and care in packaging and for doing the work in the heat.

—M.T., Washingon, 2009

All of the type arrived in good order today, thank you.  As usual, it is beautiful.

—A.D., California, 2009

First off, I love your type fonts, and I’ve heard great things about your quality!  You have so many beautiful items, it so hard to decide!  Here’s the [order for the] ones I’m going to try out first, but I’ll definitely be back very soon.

—M.,P., California, 2009

Got the treasures today! How sweeeet. You pack like stuff is going to the moon—which is a good thing since I believe that’s where our postman came from before he moved south. Anyway, Christmas in July for this ol’ boy!!  Keep up the good work.

—B.D., Georgia, 2009

Your work is impressive.

—G.T., Missouri, 2009

Check went out today for the new order, also the Perpetua arrived  today.  I have to say, I am very, very impressed.  Presentation was  beautiful, but the wonder was the quality of the castings.  I’ve been sorting some new Monotype 12pt from __________ today  and the bubbles in it were disheartening.  When I opened the Perpetua, I  just sat and stared at it for about 5 minutes.  Excellent quality, you definitely have a customer for life here.  Also, I’ve never had type so well packaged for shipment, the boxes arrived in perfect shape.  Again, great job.

—A.D., California, 2009