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Ever had your press throw a roller?  Best case—it jumps out, falls free of the press, and gets ink all over the floor.  Worst case—it falls down inside, jams the press when it closes; the roller is ruined, one or both sidearms of the press shatter, and you go to the emergency room with shrapnel wounds.  Not pretty!

These simple little keepers came as standard equipment on Gordon-style presses but in many cases have been removed and lost over the years.  We have fabricated replacement keepers for several of our own presses, and now offer them to you as well.  They’re made from 0.095″ copper-plated steel rod and will fit right into the holes on your roller saddles.  Just insert them in the saddle and put a slight bend in the bottom end, and you’re protected forever against the multitudinous evils of a thrown roller.

(The photo is of a keeper made for our own 1905 C&P 7×11, just now coming out of a full restoration.  No, the press is not for sale!)

Additional information

Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 1 × 1 in

3½" Length (C&P 7×11, 8×12), 4" Length (C&P 10×15 Press), Custom (Specify)