News for October

Here’s one that’s been a long time coming: Stencil in 36 point, cast from Ludlow matrices. That requires a special mold, matrix holder and other parts for our Thompson machines. The job was begun some years ago but stalled on a technical issue, and the unfinished project was left to gather dust in galleys. Just this year we finally got a caster configured for Ludlow once again. Stencil was remembered, revived, and completed. It’s a very bold and compelling face, and the diamond interpoint is a nice touch.

Long live the Empire! You asked for it, here it is. This type is cast from matrices rescued from a defunct type foundry in India. They were made for a different kind of casting machine than Skyline operates; the characters are engraved inverted. We are able to cast them just fine but you will notice that the nick is on the opposite side of the body from the usual location. Also the font does not contain a dollar sign, if you can live with that.

Lastly, for your printing pleasure we present this cute little dogwood flower Border No. 1277 in 12 point.

Our new line of new-cast Quads & Spacing now includes 36 point. Back in stock: Weiss Roman 18pt and its lowercase supplement. Pulled the last C&P (an 8×12 OS)and a Glider out of that basement shop here in Arizona—way easier to winch up the long stairs than that 10×15, which is now installed and operational in a newbie’s shop here in Prescott.

Although I’ve worked in the printing business some (my first job, at 16, was in a storefront hot-metal shop running LInotypes, Miehle Vertical, and C&P) the vast majority of my printing has been for pleasure—starting in 1962 with a haiku I wrote, printed on my dad’s Kelsey. In my years as a member of the American Amateur Press Association I produced 100 issues of my own personal periodical (all hot metal, of course). Now that Skyline is a going concern of 19 years, I find that my printing is limited to labels and specimen cards for the business. I miss the creative aspect of printing for fun. Recently it dawned on me that the back side of our specimen cards is a blank canvas going to waste! So as of last month, I’m taking advantage of that. You’ll see old electros and photoengravings from our boundless collection; famous, obscure, and infamous quotes from ancient philosophers on up to 21st century politicians; my own feeble attempts at cleverness; and the occasional trenchant editorial jab. Our specimen cards are only circulated in the monthly exchange bundles of the Amalgamated Printers Association, the premier letterpress club. If you print, you can be a member!

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