News for September

For September we present yet another bodacious 19th century type face in the Charlie Broad Matrix collection: from Chicago’s Great Western Type Foundry, Anglo in 24 point.

And by popular demand, the towering Spire in 48 point. It was cut with seven alternate characters, but there is some mystery about that—namely, which are the standard letters and which the alts! See the notes in the product listing for the whole story.

Just in time for fall, here’s Collection No. 68 —the Leafstorm! You’ve seen a few of these elements before in our Borders, but it was time to rake up all the leaf matrices in the vault into one Collection. Green in the spring or autumn colors in the fall, imagine what you can do.

But wait, there’s more! Here’s something we’ve never done before: a Border debut in not one, but two sizes. Say hello to the classic Border No. 651 in both 12 and 18 point.

Back in stock: Bradley in both 18 and 24 point, Border No. U-32, and that ever-lovin’ Smiley.

In our spare time in August we pulled off the rescue of a basement Chandler & Price 10×15 Old Series press in an Arizona town 100 miles from here. The extraction involved winching it up a long flight of stairs to the downtown sidewalk, then onto our flatbed trailer. A difficult and challenging job but we got it done with no casualties. This press goes to a young lady here in Prescott who has attended Skyline’s Letterpress Boot Camp and is seeking to add letterpress work to her established graphics studio. We’ll be hearing more from her, I’m sure.

September brings us National Type-High Day! We get our high from making type, and you can get yours from free shipping (USA), September 18 only. Plug in Coupon Code 9/18 when you check out and you’ll get the discount.

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