News for November

To most people, the initials “G.M.” bring to mind General Motors. For me, it’s Glenn Miller. But lately here at Skyline, it’s something else—say hello to Greeting Monotone in 24 point. We’ve had a few requests for this face and it seemed like a good candidate, so into the queue it went. This ditzy 85-character novelty design came out of American Type Founders in 1927 (10 to 24 point), and has always been a popular face among hobby printers, many of whom obtained fonts from the Kelsey company as Margery. APA 962, you need to get this for the funky Ch logotype. (NOTE: that alternate lowercase G is for use only at the beginning of a word—it’s not kerned, so don’t you dare use it anywhere else!)

It rains, it pours! Earlier this year, courtesy of Frank Romano at The Museum of Printing , we acquired and cast matrices of Zephyr in 24 point—a face we had been earnestly seeking for many years. I had known of two individuals who possessed the matrices (Ludlow) in 36. Both had steadfastly endured my importunate wheedling to sell, and I had despaired of ever getting it. (I even tried to trick APA 683 out of his font by adding it onto a list of other faces he was selling, but he didn’t fall for that.) Then out of the blue, Arkansas type nut John Horn tendered up his font to Skyline! We lost no time in casting it. Here then is 36 Zephyr. Blessings upon you and all your ancestors, John.

Not to neglect the decorative material, here’s the prickly new Border No. A-654. You can use this for a hedge to keep the neighbor’s annoying kids out of your shop.

Restocks completed: Border No. F-816 and a fourth casting (before it sold out) of Della Robbia 18pt, 100 fonts.

Last month we passed the 10,000 lb mark for type produced YTD. Yep, we’re busy here. With two full-time castermen on the staff, I’m scrambling twice as hard to stay ahead of ’em and keep up with the packing & shipping and endless other tasks. It’s all good!

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