News for August

Although we specialize in antique revival type faces, occasionally we’ll bring you something from the mid 20th century—the twilight days of hot metal typography as an industry. Here is Zephyr in 24 point. A curious face, it was cut into matrices by Ludlow in 1964. There’s an interesting backstory on how it was named by its British designer Michael Harvey. This can be found in a 2005 article published in the American Typecasting Fellowship Newsletter, which is reproduced by permission in the product listing. We have been seeking matrices for many years! Finally found this set, through the courtesy and generosity of Frank Romano at the Museum of Printing. Our available type fonts now number 161, ranging from Adonis to Zephyr.

A brace of 12 point Borders also new this month: Border No. 1577 and Border No. F-540.

We continue to add to our new line of Quads & Spacing, now offering 18, 24 and 42 point. Restocked: Collection No. 6 (Typographic Accessories), Bewick Roman 18pt, and after a long absence since our first casting of 20 fonts in 2007, Neuland in 42 point. This time 50 fonts. And to facilitate composition of this odd size, as noted above we now have Quads & Spacing available in 42 to go with it.

Speaking of backstories, remember Border U-22 released in June? (A revival of ATF Art Border No. 22.) By serendipitous chance the origin of these very matrices came to light after we announced the casting. The story came from Denver professional printer Jim Meagher in a two-page article from the August 1981 issue of Tumbleweed, his personal amateur journal published for distribution in the National Amateur Press Association. Take a look at that linked article in the product listing and it will give you a typographical smile for the day.

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