News for May

For May we offer our fifth and final ornamental frame kit: Collection No. 67. This one’s a little different in that it has decorative elements made to go right inline with the rule, not just at the ends or otherwise adjacent. There is a selection of rule cut to such lengths that a frame can be composed with straight rule on top and bottom (10 to 25 picas), or with one centered inline swash, or with the full “mustache”. Another difference is that the design does not include rule segments to run vertically between the end elements. We experimented with that, using the same rule, but it wasn’t working. However, sections of single 6pt full-face rule could probably be employed in that capacity to good effect. This Collection was made possible by John Horn through loan of the matrix slide for this 12 point Oxford rule. Thanx, John.

Recast and back in stock: 18 Park Avenue and Collection No. 37.

Kudos and plaudits to the San Jose Printers Guild for a dynamite Bay Area Printers Fair on April 23! Perfect weather, a good turnout, and even coffee & donuts for us vendors. Following that event, at the invitation of the Director of the Shakespeare Press Museum at California Polytechnic State University (‘Cal Poly’ to us out here), I motored down the coast to San Luis Obispo and gave a presentation on typefounding to some of the students, accompanied by a screening of Skyline’s video shop tour. This little museum is a hidden gem and open to the public, check it out some time.

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