News for April

I take great pleasure in announcing that we have signed on a new crewmember at Skyline. Jared, age 21, is our former (pre-Covid) type packer. He proved his worth in that position and has now returned full-time as a casterman trainee. He’s a sharp guy, operating the Thompson machine with minimal supervision in just a few days. This auspicious development will enable a return to full-scale production—we can now accept some of the commissions we’ve been turning away, and pick up the pace on recasting sold-out items. Jared’s on the way to becoming an important player in the future of the typefounding craft.

For April here’s the fourth in our series of decorative frame kits: Collection No. 66. Still more to come, and a few new antique revivals have been put in the queue as well.

Restocked: John Alden Initials, Border No. 548, Border No. 643, Border No. 1417 and two-color Border No. F-810.

After a two-year stand-down the Bay Area Printers Fair is back with gusto! This annual event is staged by the San Jose Printers’ Guild at the very well-kept History Park, where they have a storefront printing office. Skyline will be there peddling type you can’t live without. (For free delivery of online orders received by April 21, select the Local Pickup option at checkout and type Bring To BAPF in the Notes box.) Saturday, April 23, don’t miss it.

The south side of Skyline’s pressroom is seriously short of windows; consequently there’s a deficiency of natural light and solar warmth in the winter. Just before the pandemic I contracted for that wall to be opened and an 8×18 solarium built on. Then the world screeched to a halt. Well, it took 785 days—during which the builder came perilously close to folding—but on March 10 the finishing touches were applied to the new Skyline sunroom. It’s marvelous. Sitting down for the first time and soaking up the warmth of the sun, the perfect name for this room presented itself. It has been christened—here it comes—Baskerville!

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