News for June

Just in time for summer, here’s a patch of jonquils for your typographical garden. Border No. F-714 is on 18 point body; half the font is a single element on em-body and half is a double element on double em for quicker composition on the horizontal parts of the form.

And with its path spread with jonquil petals, we present a new antique revival dating back to 1768: Harlequin in 24 point. This is from the Charlie Broad matrix collection as recut by John Carroll. (John and Charlie were cahooting on type face revivals way before it was cool.) I have no information on the original name or source of this face, nor exactly what characters were included. It is possible that there were figures or more points, or that some or all of the present points were added later by someone. Nor have I found a complete specimen by Charlie or any of the successive owners of this recut face and thus don’t know if John made more than just these 32 mats.

Back in stock again and available: the full fonts Bewick Roman 24pt, Pen Print Bold 18pt, and Futura Medium 18pt. Oh, and we just completed yet another 3-day Letterpress Boot Camp here for two students—our new casterman Jared, and a promising letterpress newbie from New Mexico. Yup, we’re stayin’ plenty busy here!

Although Skyline has held fast to our flat postage charge through at least eight price increases by the U.S. Postal Service, the time has come that we must make an adjustment. Effective this week the shipping charge is $12.00 for any order, anywhere in the USA—and this is still below our actual cost on most orders.

Sending all good wishes to my fellow members of the Amalgamated Printers Association on the occasion of the annual Wayzgoose this month, to be staged at the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum in Wisconsin. Skyline is in the final stages of construction doubling our floor space, and now is not the time to travel, alas.

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