News for December

A new kind of Collection was promised for this month, and here it is: Collection No. 63, a kit for creating decorative frames. It’s a composite, containing four different typecast ornamental elements (two mirror-image pairs, with 6 pieces of each) plus linecast rule segments of matching weight in lengths ranging from 5 to 25 picas (6 pieces of each size). This is a versatile outfit and could certainly be augmented by other decorative elements in your shop. More of these kits in different designs are now in process, for release in coming months.

Back in stock: Border No. 601 and Border No. 1415. The L.A. Printers Fair in November was quite a success—attendance and Skyline sales were both strong, and of course it was great to visit with folks in person again (masks notwithstanding). Word from San Jose is that the Bay Area Fair is on for April 23 next spring, save the date!

Last month brought a surprise treasure hunt: we’re clearing out an old hot metal shop in rural southern California. One big load of type in cabinets has been hauled to the Skyline warehouse and there will be more trips this month. Up for rescue, real cheap: Linotypes (3), Miehle Vertical cylinder presses (2), 12×18 platen presses (2), a C&P hand-lever cutter, and a large Challenge proof press with inking system. If interested, drop a note through the contact form on our web site.

Construction of the additions on each end of the foundry building, more than doubling its size, is nearing completion. Interior finishing and exterior painting are underway and we’ll be expanding into the new space this month. Wishing you an auspicious solstice—by the time of our next news release, the days will be lengthening.

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