News for January

This month we bring you the second in our series of ornamental frame kits, Collection No. 64. This one features thick-and-thin rule and again has two pairs of mirror-image typecast elements to go with the various lengths of rule, which are on 6 point body, cut in 5-pica increments.

Restocked: Border No. 241, and the ever-popular Parisian in 18 point. This third casting of Parisian consists of 118 fonts—that amounts to 52,542 individual types, made one at a time on our Thompson Type Casters (patented 1907).

I’d like to take a minute to recognize an individual who has been a fine resource for Skyline: Mr. George Thomas, of Oklahoma City. I’ve never met George but we correspond regularly about type face identification. He has been the one to return a positive ID on many of the 19th century fonts rescued on our treasure hunts and listed for sale back into the 21st century letterpress community. George modestly denies the designation of “Expert”, just claiming to have a better-than-average library of resources. We’ll give him the honorary title of Senior Typographical Research Consultant. Thanks, George.

Construction of the north addition to the Skyline building is finished, and we’ll be moving into it this coming week. It’s outfitted with a replica 1869 potbelly caboose stove to provide real heat from real fire. This room will be a cleaner environment than the foundry itself. It will be the new matrix vault, and have plenty of space for type packaging and shrink-wrapping, which will free up a lot of room in the machinery bay. Maybe even a corner to sit down and have some coffee.

Greetings of the New Year, and may this trip around the sun be a good one for us all.

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