News for November

The Pelican flies again! We received the most welcome news from our friend Larry Johnson in Florida that his Pelican Type Foundry is once again in production and open for business, following a temporary stand-down for family responsibilities. Larry acquired some of his casting machines and training here at Skyline, and is now doing amazing things. Check out the web site and support him with an order.

In honor of this auspicious news, the Muse paid us an unanticipated visit and left the following epic poem (with due apologies to D. L. Merritt):

A marvelous foundry is Pelican!
Its issue is simple and elegant.
So shiny the type—
No brag here, no hype—
it can cast upon you quite a spell, it can!

Okay, back to business. Here’s the debut casting for November: Border No. U-32 in 18 point. It’s one last simple single-element design before we launch some Collections of a whole new kind, now in production for December and beyond.

Back in stock: Collection No. 48, one of two sets of linecast decorative dashes. These two Collections have been very well received and together have more than covered the considerable expenses incurred in acquiring, transporting, erecting, and coaxing back to life our monster Model 5 Linotype. A special nod to John Horn, who has graciously placed on loan to Skyline some of the matrix slides used in this casting.

The United States Postal Service, which we utilize for all our domestic and some international shipping, adjusts its prices [upward] late every January. This year was no exception. Unsatisfied with that, they promulgated another increase in August. But wait—there’s more! A third increase was decreed in October. This does not portend well. Nevertheless, Skyline is holding the line on $10 postage, any order, anywhere in the U.S., and we’ll absorb the increases.

Here comes the year’s Main Event! The Los Angeles Printers Fair returns with gusto, November 6-7. Last year it was online only—remarkably successful, at that—and this time will be both in-person and virtual. One way or the other, doncha dare miss it. To promote the event, Skyline is giving away a free ticket ($10.00 value) with any type order to the first two customers who request it. (Use the NOTES box on the Checkout page.) Free delivery to you at the Fair of any order received by Thursday, Nov. 4 (select Local Pickup at checkout, and type a reminder in NOTES). We’ll be there behind three tables sagging with stuff you can’t live without. See you there!

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