News for July

Here’s a neat new set of ornaments for you: Collection No. 62. These little guys can be used as flourishes, tailpieces, or general-purpose decorators. Either of the two S-curved designs is such that it can be strung together for a continuous border. All are on 12 x 36 point body, and a font contains 12 of each.

Restocked in June: Border No. U-14. Cancelled planned travel to Wisconsin for the late-July biennial conference of the American Typecasting Fellowship (postponed from last year), when the hosts made the difficult eleventh-hour decision to go virtual. Whither that informal organization in these rapidly changing times?

There is no source of statistics on the present state of typefounding in America, but besides Skyline there are two, maybe three other commercial type producers (all of us being one- or two-person operations). I have watched the number of practicing hobbyists decline precipitously in the past generation, as the old-timers who had a connection to the industry reach the end of the line. Will the craft survive? The outlook is not very positive, considering that it takes rare and highly specialized equipment, and the knowledge and skill to operate and maintain it. If one were motivated the opportunity is still there. But like all things, that too shall pass, and the day will likely come when the typecasting craft is locked away in the past. Skyline is committed to carrying the torch as long as we possibly can, and we remain open to anyone of the next generation who is interested.

On another note, I’ve made a couple of significant discoveries recently.
1. You can’t push a wheelbarrow while you’re holding a beer.
2. The reason we have shinbones is so we can find the trailer hitch in the dark.
I guess it’s true, you’re never too old to learn.

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