News for June

Things have calmed down somewhat in the realm, and we’re now well-supplied with spiky “defensive” Borders. So here’s something a little more soft and round for your printing pleasure in June: Border No. 645 in 36 point. Its working name in the foundry is “Eggs & Fountains”. No info on age or original source, but it’s cast from Monotype matrices, and quite a few of their designs were copies or adaptations of existing 19th century material. Perhaps the copyright and patent laws for type faces did not apply to decorative designs.

On the restock side we are pleased to report that Bewick Roman in 12 point is back in stock, 50 fonts. In 2004, Skyline’s first year in business, Bewick in four sizes was discovered among the large lot of matrices acquired from the estate of the late John Hern. These matrices were from the old Empire Type Foundry in Delevan, New York, who most likely electrodeposited them from ATF type (with or without license). This unique face with uncommon ligatures, fat alternate caps, and three font ornaments was a wondrous find, and the first full font we ever cast. Bewick was designed in 1905 by Will Bradley and our revival casting in all four sizes was perfectly timed for its centennial. It has proved very popular. At present the 36 point is in stock and available; the 18 and 24 are sold out and in the queue for recasting.

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