News for August

Say hello to Border No. 65! One element, made in one size only. This circle-in-a-square is rather suggestive of the Prairie school of architecture, which was closely associated with Frank Lloyd Wright and in high fashion 120 years ago at the turn of the 20th century. You want symmetry? This one’s got it every which way. Gaze at it long enough and you might get hypnotized.

Have you ever puzzled over the logical basis of American Type Founders’ type face numbering system? It’s not exactly chronological, nor alphabetically sequential. We chanced across an important 1965 private letter written by an ATF manager that sheds some light on this, and have published it in a little handout done up for the American Typecasting Fellowship’s 2021 Conference. We will be pleased to send you a copy free with any type order. You’ll find it listed on our site in The Junk Bin, just throw one in your Cart.

August brings a landmark event here at Skyline and that’s the first typographical road trip since the pandemic descended upon us. We’ll be cruising over to the International Printing Museum in L.A. for their Wayzgoose Letterpress Celebration and Surplus Sale on Saturday, August 7. This is a great opportunity to pick up some new old heavy iron, plus books, wood type, and etc. at very reasonable prices. Skyline will have a sales table set up to hawk type. Free delivery to you at that event if you order online (see details on See you there!

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