News for August

No new type projects to announce yet. Our new caster-gal has unfortunately been sidelined with a broken wrist. But there’s always some good news with the bad: sales remain brisk, even better than last year month over month—especially The Junk Bin, where a record 61 new items were posted in July (and some were snarfed up within minutes). The long-planned installation of additional windows and doors in the pressroom is complete and construction has begun for expansion of the foundry building.

Skyline is positioned for growth and the time has come to get more people involved here at Arizona’s Premier Type Foundry. To that end we are seeking candidates for a second full-time casterman. Job description: operation and routine maintenance of Monotype-Thompson type casting machines with minimal supervision. No typecasting experience necessary, we will provide on-the-job training. Male or female. Preferred qualifications are letterpress printing experience, a passion for type, strong mechanical engineering skills, willingness to work long and hard, and open to living in a beautiful place in the central highlands of Arizona. Skyline is one of the very few places in the world where the ancient and esoteric craft of typefounding is being preserved and practiced, and you can be an important part of that. Expect a low-key interview process with observation and hands-on time that will give us both a chance to decide if it’s the right thing for the right person at the right time. If this appeals you, let’s talk. Email Sky through the contact form on this site.

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