News for July

June was our target month to resume casting operations and I’m pleased to report that we have indeed done so. There aren’t any new products to report, but we’re winding up some unfinished projects that were interrupted by the COVID stand-down and then we’ll be positioned to resume doing new things.

Our longtime casterman Troy “T.H.” Groves elected not to return to employment at Skyline following the stand-down, and is off pursuing other things. Troy has been a central part of the operation for the past few years and we wish him all health, happiness and prosperity. The times they are a-changin’ here—as indeed they are everywhere.

The good news is that we now have a new caster operator on board, and he’s a she! I did my best to scare her off with an unvarnished description of what it’s like to operate an 80-year-old iron beast with a smoking, simmering gas-fired pot full of molten metal, and even invited her to hang out and observe production for a day. She would have none of my scare tactics and calmly insisted she was ready, willing and able to deliver the goods. Training went very smoothly and now she’s on full time. Say hello to Debra!

Skyline has many overseas customers and we can easily ship type anywhere in the world. Due to repeated problems sending by the US Postal Service, we have switched to a freight forwarder called Parcel Monkey. Our experience to date is limited but impressively positive: delivery in three days, with detailed real-time tracking, using major couriers such as FedEx. Cost is about the same per pound but unlike USPS, there is NO weight limit. We have yet to work out the details for accurately quoting shipping cost in online orders—for now, overseas customers should just send us an email with your want list. We’ll get a freight quote and shoot you a pro forma invoice for final approval. Easy!

Seventeen new postings in The Junk Bin during June, some selling within minutes. And just for fun, hidden among our product listings is a dog-lover’s special. Click it if you can find it, and get a free treat for your furry friend!

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