News for September

It’s a twofer! For September we present a brace of new single-element ornamental borders. These two little art nouveau swirligigs are historic—the exact origin/date are unknown, but they make a discreet appearance in the American Type Founders specimen book of 1923. ATF used them chromatically, with the “Open” element overprinted in black on the pale orange “Tint” element. We made a valiant attempt to do the same—but the proof is in the proof, and it just didn’t work. With a minor modification to the label form it became Borders No. 32 & No. 34 together in one package.

A restock of 24pt Schoeffer Old Style begun prior to the pandemic [castus interruptus!] has now been completed and is available for purchase. Likewise Cloister Old Style 36pt, it’s off the caster and will be packaged and in stock within the next few days. We also finally got the various production makeups cast on that darned tricky 36pt Relievo. Customers on the waiting list for that have been notified and it’s once again in stock on the website for purchase. Yep, the gears are turning here again, and it looks like the fierce and relentless heat of summer 2020 is finally abating so we can get back to doing what we do best.

The Junk Bin saw 44 new postings of used and NOS type in August.

It may be true that all the printers’ fairs are cancelled this year, but we can still celebrate National Letterpress Day. When is that? Why, 9/18 of course! Just like last year, Skyline will offer free US shipping (or $10.00 off int’l) for all orders placed on that date. Listen up, letterpress dudes and dudesses, this is your only notice: coupon code 9/18 will be active on calendar day September 18 only. Plug that into your online Checkout and you get the discount.

Skyline is still seeking to hire a second casterman. For the right person, this is a rare opportunity to learn the craft. For further info see our Help Wanted classified on the Briar Press web site, or just shoot us an email through Come join us in this historic endeavor.

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