News for June

Things are hoppin’ here at Skyline!  Three weeks ago we took on a full-time intern—Michael L, a grad student in art at Arizona State U—and this has upped our game considerably.  (And the boss is that much busier now trying to keep ahead of the crew.)  New this month: Staccato in 24pt.  This robust face has its origins in early 19th century wood type, variously named Tuscan Extended or Expanded.  The first appearance in metal that we found was in 1867. When and how it acquired the name remains a mystery, but the matrices (milled) are from the Chas. Broad collection and were probably made by his Japanese source.  At least two of CB’s faces are known to have been cut from optical fonts.  Staccato, identical in every detail, appears among the numerous 19th century revival optical fonts published by Dan X. Solo.  But Solo’s work was mostly released in the 1970s and Charlie died in 1965, so the shroud of mystery remains.

Also new: Border No. U-18  in 18pt.  What is it??  We don’t know!  But if your initials are H. H., you need this.  (I’m talkin’ to you, Zip Code 05672!)

Back in stock:  Iroquois Condensed,  Border No. 27,  Border No. 179,  Border No. 313  (the 6-element ribbon design) and the much-in-demand Bruce Rogers Combination Ornaments, both Solid and Inlined, Collections 13 and 14.  Our new product category  The Junk Bin  continues to enjoy popularity and we keep throwing more stuff into it, with about 100 used and surplus items currently for sale there.

A certain fine printer in California has been pleading with Skyline for years to cast Deepdene in 16 point, and possibly the companion Italic as well.  The roman alone would be at least two solid weeks of casting, and we’re just not sure the demand is there to justify the project.  But we promised him we’d run it up the flagpole and see who salutes.  Would you buy 16 point Deepdene?  If so, drop a line.  If the demand warrants, we’ll just have to knuckle under and do it.

Here in the Kingdom of Skyline we maintain strict political neutrality, but an issue has arisen of late that could really screw things up for us selling type to you.  Clouds are gathering in D.C. to enable state taxation of artisans, entrepreneurs and small businesses who sell their work online.  A petition is being promoted by eBay to oppose this.  Check it out and sign if you will. ‘Nuff said.

The APA Denver Wayzgoose is this month, yahoo!  All the big names in letterpress will be there, and you’re invited—you don’t have to be an APA member.  Everything you need to know is here:

One last thing: you gotta see this 3-minute video, titled Inkiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Art, featuring Graham Judd, one of Skyline’s good customers down under in New Zealand:  If that doesn’t get a smile out of you, then you’d better check to make sure you have a pulse!

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