News for July

Just back from a fine time at the APA Wayzgoose, and three cheers for the Denver letterpress community for a bang-up job on staging it.  Typecasting resumes as usual now, and in the foundry we’re sweating out Prescott’s hottest time of the year and looking forward to the arrival of our cooler rainy season sometime this month.

For July we’re pleased to present yet another antique revival:  Old Bowery in 30 point.  According to McGrew in American Metal Typefaces, it was released by the Bruce type foundry in 1854 as Ornamented No. 1007.  This is one of the few antique revival faces produced by American Type Founders in the 20th century, and now it’s alive and well once again in the 21st!

Also new, here’s something we’ve never offered before: linecast Ornamental Dashes.  Check out Collection No. 48, with nine different Dashes, and Collection No. 49, with twelve.  There are five of each Dash per Collection, for a total of 45 pieces and 60 pieces, respectively.  Just imagine all the uses these will have in your shop.

The Junk Bin continues to enjoy good popularity; a bunch more used type fonts were thrown in at the end of June.  We’re working on a way for newest items to be displayed first (or give you sort options), but that’s been problematical  We shall prevail.  Meanwhile a fourth product category has been added—Equipment—for various other new and used letterpress hardware, including a Pilot press and the new Skyline Roller Keepers. We got lots of that kind of stuff and will be populating the new category with it.

Back in stock: Runic Condensed in 30 point.

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