News for May

On August 23, 2016, we began the casting of a certain decorative type face.  Before the project was completed, that caster went down with mechanical trouble.  (Technically, the Choker Bushing became so worn that the Choker Valve was not seating properly, and the liquid metal under pressure of the Pump Piston was bypassing the Choker Valve back into the main part of the pot, resulting in poorly-cast type.)  The machine was dismantled and the offending part taken to a machine shop, where the Choker Bushing was experimentally counterbored and sleeved, with the intent of restoring the integrity of the valve seat.  This all seemed to go well, but upon reassembling the machine it was found that for reasons incomprehensible the Choker Valve now did not align properly with the Nozzle orifice, causing it to leak molten metal onto the deck of the caster.

Further attempts to repair this repair were unsuccessful.  So a different worn-out part was scrounged from the junkpile and sent to a different machine shop for a different experimental repair—face-milling the Choker Bushing and compensating for the increased rearward travel of the Choker Valve by adjusting the linkage of the Choker Cam Lever Roller Yoke.  With much time and labor the machine was carefully reassembled, adjusted, tested, and found serviceable.  Production was successfully resumed.  But before the project was completed, the Matrix Carrier Cam Lever snapped and the machine jammed, shearing the teeth on the gear segment of the Mold Body Lever.  The few old used spares in our repair department were similarly broken.  Parts were pulled from a caster in storage, once again the machine was carefully repaired, adjusted, and tested; production was resumed.  Our determination prevailed and the project was finally finished last week.  With much blood, sweat, grease, and pride, we present to you one hundred shiny new fonts of Bernhard Fashion in 18 point.  A Spanish Accent Supplement is also available.


Why bore you with all this technical stuff?  So you know how hard we work to bring you these typographical treasures.  A substantial part of what goes on at Skyline is the maintenance and repair of our 70 to 80 year old machines.  The company that made them is long since scattered to the four winds, and we have only our wits and creative engineering to keep ’em going.  And we love what we do.

Back in stock: Victoria Italic, 10 point.  Thanks for your patronage!

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