News for April

Casting type in the larger point sizes has its own set of engineering challenges—both mechanical and metallurgical.  Skyline’s Thompson machines are capable of sizes up to 48 point.  But because of those challenges, and consequent quality control issues, we have produced very little type larger than 36 point.  Thanks to determined research and experimentation by our shop foreman, these issues have been conquered and we’re now seeing consistently big, beautiful, solid type come out of the machine.  We have plenty of 48 point matrices in the vault waiting to be cast; both fonts and decorative.  To celebrate this breakthrough we have produced Goudy Text in 48 point.  This 1928 stylized blackletter face is one of Fred Goudy’s most distinctive and beautiful typographical designs.

But that’s not all!  FWG also designed a set of ornamental initials specifically intended for use with Goudy Text.  And so we were morally obliged to cast the Lombardic Capitals in 48 point as well; initials elegant by any standard.  These are furnished in a complete alphabet plus the original alternate T and Celtic ornament.

Last month we introduced our new product category The Junk Bin, and it continues to be populated with overruns, quads & spacing, new old ATF stock, and in general a clattering collection of caliginous junk.  Lots more waiting to go in as it gets photographed and listed.  Take a look, you’ll find some good deals.

Later this month we’ll be loading up the old pack mule and heading off for the Bay Area Printers Fair, Saturday, April 21.  Although smaller than the legendary LAPF, it’s a high-energy event and Skyline’s sales are consistently better.  The San Jose Printers Guild has a very nice vintage Printing Office there in History Park, and they do a bang-up job on this event.  Don’t miss it!

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