News for January

We’re calling this month’s new stuff “Floor Sweepings from the Matrix Vault”.   Collections No. 37, 38, 39, and 41 all consist of single-element ornaments, oddballs, orphans, and designs that just don’t fit in with anything else we have.  No. 37 was done from four matrices we got from a defunct foundry in India, including a lotus blossom, their version of a hippie-flower, and Ganesha, the Hindu elephant-god who is revered as the remover of obstacles and patron of new beginnings, and of letters and learning.  The three calligraphic flourishes in No. 38 are actually ATF designs.  The other ornate decorators probably originated with 19th-century type faces, and that sine wave is likely a chemical or mathematical symbol.  The special-occasion goodies in No. 39 are matrices from Barco Type, which Skyline bought out some years ago.  In No. 41 you can figure out for yourself what they are and what to do with them.  The two martinis could be overprinted chromatically.  Here’s your chance to get creative!


Back in stock now is the very popular Tuscan Floral in 36 point.  (That ornate end-bracket in Collection No. 38 would go beautifully with it.)

From the beginning, our philosophy at Skyline has been to preserve and perpetuate the ancient and esoteric craft of typefounding, and to keep new type within reach of all in the letterpress community.  In general our prices have been about half of those of our friends at M&H Type, the country’s oldest and largest foundry.  As 2016 draws to a close, however, the numbers reveal that our costs have exceeded revenue for the year.  Therefore the current revision of our online Specimen Book & Catalog reflects an incremental price increase.  We sincerely thank all our customers for your continued friendship and loyalty.

And so commences another loop around the sun in our Spaceship Earth, the 2017th since counting began.  May it be a journey of fellowship, successes and our best printing ever!

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