News for December

Our two press-restoration projects have been successfully completed and as of yesterday, the business of typecasting has resumed.  In progress at the moment is a restock of Tuscan Floral.  While doing up a routine third casting of Border No. 88, casterman T.H. Groves let his imagination get loose and started talking about what one might do design-wise with this two-element border, especially if there were multiple complementary sizes at hand.  It is, after all, a modular sort of thing, which of course is all the rage in metal type right now!  So in addition to the 36-point restock, we hereby present Border No. 88 and Border No. 89 in 18-point.  (The single element No. 89 is simply the corner piece used with No. 88.)  You can see our experimentation with it for the label, but that only suggests what could be created with a supply of the three borders in two sizes.   Who wants to be the first to try it?

December is upon us, the cooler weather is good for typecasting, and we have an endless list of cool stuff to cast going into the new year.  As always, so many matrices, so little time!

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