News for February

Fun with Explosives!  That’s what we’re calling Collection No. 40, new this month for your convenience in blowing things up.   And we’ve done three more new borders in the Floor-Sweepings-From-The-Matrix-Vault Series: Border No. U-6, a single-element antique floral (there’s undoubtedly a story behind this; perhaps it’s one piece of an elaborate 19th-century ornamental set).  Border No. U-15 is a dainty little thing that looks delicate but is a single element, 6 x 36 points, easy to compose.  And then there’s the heavy-handed Border No. U-16 in 36pt, also one element.  Attila the Hun used this one on his wedding invitation.

Back in stock after too long an absence is the favorite antique Tuscan Graille.  Press on, and have a fine Ground Hog Day!


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