News for November

We’ve slacked off from typecasting of late, to direct our time and efforts to working on machinery.  In addition to bringing another casting machine up to operating condition (not quite there yet) we’re doing complete restorations of two presses: a 1954 Vandercook No. 4 and a 1901 Chandler & Price 8 x 12.  These were both rescued here in Arizona from distressed situations—the C&P was holding up a mailbox out on a nearby highway!  Nevertheless we continue our longstanding policy of presenting at least one new casting every month.  So for your printing pleasure, November’s offering is Border No. F-1202 in 36pt.


Some years ago we cast Neuland and its companion Inline in a variety of sizes.  They sold well, and supplies were exhausted within a couple of years.  They’re long overdue for restock and this month we’re pleased to announce Neuland 24pt and Neuland Inline 18pt as the first two.  Also back in stock is Collection No. 3, a rather remarkable set of six “stacking” ornaments, each of which is furnished in both decorative and solid versions, allowing for chromatic use
if you so choose.

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