News for June

Our newest crown jewel is a revival of American Type Founders Art Border No. 23, which appears in their 1899 and 1912 catalogs. We offer this classic Art Nouveau design in 24 point as Border No. U-22.

Recast and back in stock after a long absence: Keynote, 36 point; also Border No. G-46 and Collection No. 57, the lovely Granjon Arabesques in 24 point.

Today kicks off the Amalgamated Printers Association annual Wayzgoose, open to all interested parties. This year it’s held right down the road from us in Tucson. As a 35-year member I’ll be there in the thick of it and peddling our shiny new type fonts, available nowhere else in the known universe. A few folks have already stopped by Skyline enroute to Tucson. We will be welcoming visitors anytime after the event as well, so come on by on the way home.

Had a fine trip last month to the Bay Area Printers Fair and on up the Redwood Coast to visit the nonprofit C.C. Stern Type Foundry in their fine new building. At the Fair, one meets all kinds of people, from those who don’t even know letterpress exists right on up to the finest of fine printers. One time a well-dressed lady came by and proceeded to studiously examine our packages of type, beginning at one end of the table and gradually working down to the other. By that time I had concluded that she was a serious high-end printer, methodically assembling a shopping list in her mind. But then she suddenly looked up at me and demanded to know, “What’s in all these boxes??”

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