News for May

Posted a little early to accommodate our imminent departure for the Bay Area Printers Fair.
(Skyline will be closed April 28-May 10.)

The quintessential Art Deco type face Broadway was widely used and is still rather commonplace. Not the case with the two sons-of-Broadway: a condensed version, and Broadway Engraved, herewith newly cast for you in 36 point, the largest size in which it was designed. This face is older than you or me, but probably not older than your press.

A couple of new geometric Borders too this month: first, Border No. 1301 in 36 point, a big bold design with a look approaching the exotic. Its 3 elements can be combined in lots of ways, and definitely used for more than just a border. It longs to be printed in bright colors!

We also present its shy little 12 point cousin, Border No. 1309. This design, cast from Monotype matrices, is actually shown as two separate borders in their (pre-WWII) catalog—each of the two runners appearing with the same corner. The runners are dimensionally the same and complementary in design, so it’s a natural to use them together. We have provided a full quantity of each runner/corner pair (176 picas) so this set is in effect a double Border.

Back in stock: the face everybody loves to hate, Hobo in 14 point. (Having no descenders, Hobo is full-face and thus the 14 is equivalent to 18 point in size.) Special thanks to visiting printer Kathy C. for her able assistance with presswork on our 1886 Pearl for some of this month’s specimen cards

Start planning now for the APA Tucson Wayzgoose June 1-4, open to all interested letterpressers. It’ll be a good ‘un! Skyline welcomes any and all visitors in the days preceding and following the event. We’re 3½ hrs up the Interstate, right on your way (unless you’re from Texas.)

Logged three treasure-hunt road trips in April, hauling out full loads from two shops in Utah and one here in Arizona. Two presses, eight type cabinets, and mucho other letterpress gear. More trips pending. The stuff just keeps finding me!
Our official Acquisition Policy, established many years ago once and for all:
Rule No. 1: Never rescue anything because it needs me, but only if I need it.
Rule No. 2: Disregard Rule No. 1.

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