News for September

New for this month we present Scroll Shaded in 18 point, a design dating back to the dawn of the industrial age, having originated with England’s Caslon Foundry. (This face is also available in 30 point.)

Recast and back in stock: Border No. 542 (24pt), two-color Border No. 1220, and Collection No. 38. We also have built back up supplies of used Quads & Spacing in all sizes from 6 to 72 and re-posted these listings, which had been taken down for a spell while we collected up and sorted out more stock. (See Clattering Collections in The Junk Bin.) We’re spinning up used type sales as well, having posted 42 new listings in August, ranging from American Uncial to Virkotype Monograms, and even some wood type. You gotta act fast for the good stuff, sometimes it sells within minutes.

The crazy state of the national supply chain has provided us a few adventures. In September of last year, a reorder for 1,000 of our standard 4½ x 6 font boxes was placed. We kept getting promises and excuses from the supplier and then in May they abruptly told us that the item was permanently discontinued. I finally was able to negotiate a special order with the manufacturer, requiring a minimum quantity of 5,000. But they somehow made an error and shipped 11,455 boxes! That got squared away on agreeable terms, but we won’t be running out of those now for about 15 years.

September brings National Type-High Day! As usual, Coupon Code 9/18 plugged in at checkout will get you free shipping (USA), September 18 only.

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