News for August

This month for your printing pleasure we present Ornamented No. 1032 in 18 point. That is the designation given to it by the Bruce foundry, who first cast it in the U.S., the design originating with London typefounder Robert Besley. This neat little Victorian was resurrected in the mid 20th century by private typecaster John Carroll and is part of the matrix collection of his associate and successor, Charlie Broad. It enjoyed good popularity in those years under the name Cicero and may be familiar to you as such. Ain’t she cute!

Recast in July and back in stock: Fournier le Jeune 24pt, Collection No. 6, and Collection No. 24.

August brings the annual Letterpress Celebration & Surplus Sale at the International Printing Museum in Los Angeles (full info: Skyline will have a sales table set up there and we’ll gladly provide free type delivery—just add a note to your online order and select Local Pickup as the shipping option.

Now that production has stabilized again at our pre-pandemic level, I did an impromptu retrospective, and here are some interesting numbers: since January of 2018, we have proffered eighty-one—count ’em, 81—new castings, with a grand total (including restocks) of 37,369 pounds of type produced. Of those 56 months there were only four that we did not add at least one new Font, Border, Collection or Initial Set to our catalog. We are sincerely grateful to you, our customers worldwide, who continue to purchase Skyline type and enable us to keep the casters running

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