News for December

Survived another month—certainly hope you did too! This year just seems to get weirder, and it ain’t over yet. But here at Arizona’s Premier Type Foundry we just keep on calmly plying our beloved craft. New for this month is Border No. E-1240 in 36 point. The matrix is English. This prickly single-element Border would make a fine security hedge around your copy.

Back in stock is good old Collection No. 1, our seventh casting of this ever-popular set of decorative corners. New listings in The Junk Bin for November came to 52.

Skyline has adopted a mile of Arizona state highway for litter pickup near our offsite warehouse, under the flag of the Order of the Blessed Eutectic. And what (I hear you thinking) in tarnation is that?? The O.B.E.—of which Skyline Type Foundry is headquarters—is the unspoken bond of fellowship shared by all those artists and craftsmen who have a passionate, even spiritual, connection to creating things of beauty from molten metal. Eutectic is a metallurgical term essentially meaning a metal alloy in its liquid state. If you have ever made anything out of liquid metal, and got a thrill from it, you are in the Order.

December of course brings us the two big winter holidays: Brumal Solstice and Boxing Day. As we anticipate these, keep dodging that virus, don’t believe everything you hear, and happy printing!

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