News for November

Greetings on All Fonts Day! Er, All Saints, that is. [We got lots more of the former here than the latter.] In honor of all our dear departed loved ones we bring you the classic three-element Border No. 33 in 18 point. It’s the very thing for a hand-printed memorial card, is it not? Wait a minute. Leaves of three, little white berries—kinda looks like it might be poison ivy—

Fall is of course time for the grand Los Angeles Printers Fair staged by the International Printing Museum. Events like this are pretty well shot down by the pandemic, but Mark Barbour and crew have taken a bold step into the present and gone virtual with it, for the entire month of November. Skyline is a featured vendor along with some 70 others. We encourage you to check out their home page and show your support in these troubled times as IPM bravely ventures into new territory.

In conjunction with our virtual sales table at the LAPF, we brought in a film crew and put together a modest 18-minute video tour of the Skyline foundry and pressroom. This is now live on YouTube and you may view it here (failing that link, just type in our name). Feel free to post your comments!

Discount of 3% for payment by mailed check is now automatic, no coupon required. Fifteen new items put up in The Junk Bin last month and always a variety of interesting projects underway or in the queue. We’re still looking to hire a second casterman. If you’re making a ton of money by staring into a computer screen all day and rearranging the pixels, then good for you, knock yourself out. But if you’d like to earn a living wage practicing a rare 500-year-old craft with mechanical and intellectual challenges, and enjoying the admiration and respect of letterpress printers worldwide, then let’s talk.

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