News for October

If you keep an eye on the Skyline web site, you’ve noticed the tally figures at the bottom of the front page indicating how many Fonts, Borders, Initials and Collections we have produced since our beginning.  Last month, after updating these with the new releases, the Fonts total came in at 9,999.  This means that the very first font to be turned out this month is number Ten Thousand!  Who’d a thunk it back in 2004 when Sky, our—uh—founder, took in several forlorn old typecasting machines to rescue them from an ignominious fate, and began tinkering with one.  At this auspicious milestone, we offer our sincere gratitude to the Letterpress Community for your patronage and ongoing appreciation of our efforts.

As mentioned last month, we’ve been casting Bernhard Fashion in 24 point to complement our existing 18 point font and 42/36 Initials.  That project is now complete and type is available for purchase.

Meanwhile, work continues on casting from the large lot of matrices obtained a couple of years ago from a defunct type foundry in India, and here are two more new ornamental borders from that treasure trove.  First, Border No. U-21, a three-element certificate border that can be composed either as 24 point or 48 point.  It’s a compelling design with distinct art-nouveau styling, and invites experimental composition.  Pick up a font or three and give it a try!

And our casterman was so taken by the 48 point em-body corner that he persuaded Skyline management to spin it off by itself as a single-element border. Thus we also present Border No. U-17 for your printing pleasure.

Weiss Roman.  A well-known British fine printer, one of our good customers, has dropped us a major commission for this book face in 18 point, and sent a font of Intertype matrices from which to cast it.  If you want some foundry-cast Weiss, now is your golden opportunity; let us know ASAP and we’ll work out the details.  The Intertype mats will be for sale afterward as well—full font, new condition.  Email if interested.

October will be a travelin’ month for us.  On the first weekend we’ll be setting up shop at the Southwest Print Fiesta in Silver City, New Mexico.  This is the event’s third year and our first time there; from all indications it should be a lot of fun.  Check it out at  Then the following weekend is the incomparable Los Angeles Printers Fair staged by the International Printing Museum (  They too have a milestone (10th Annual) and are celebrating it by expanding the Fair to two full days.  Bravo!

We’ll be glad to provide free type delivery to either of these events.  Just place your order on and add a note to that effect.  Happy printing, and hope to see you at our table!

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