News for September

Always drawn to the odd, unique and archaic in our matrix vault, this month we present a face you’ve probably never heard of: Granby Inlined, in 24pt.  Granby was a product of England’s historic Stephenson-Blake type foundry and the Inlined version was released in 1932.  There’s nothing too unusual about inline or tooled letterforms, but this one is a little different in that the lines continue past the end of the stems and go right on out into the world at large.  Betcha don’t have it, and here’s your golden opportunity to fix that.

Several months ago we came out with Bernhard Fashion in 18 point, and it was so well received we decided to keep riding that horse and do the other two sizes for which we have matrices.  The 24 point font is now in progress and slated for release next month.  Meanwhile, feast your eyes on Bernhard Fashion Initials, 42-on-36pt, complete with alternates!  These delicate, opulent letters will give the finishing touch to your formal printing with the smaller sizes of Bernhard.

Just posted yesterday: 20 new old type fonts to The Junk Bin.  Still trying to get the “Sort By” function working on the web site, but the harder we try, the more intractable it is.  The new items are placed at the beginning of the listings, but the software seems to have a mind of its own and they may turn up somewhere else.

Back in stock are the outlandishly florid Border No. F-1205 and his ornamented queen of frou-frou, Scroll Shaded. Enjoy.

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