News for June

We are indebted to the inimitable Graham Moss for this month’s new gem, Border No. U-14.  Quite some time ago, Graham very generously sent a set of three antique foundry matrices to Skyline for us to evaluate for casting.  It was determined that they would have to be re-engineered in order for us to cast them.  After lengthy consideration of all possibilities, this was carefully accomplished, and 50 fonts were produced.  It may be that there were other elements to the design besides these.  The source of the border and the mats is unknown, but Graham does have some type from them bearing the Stephenson-Blake pinmark.  If you can make a positive ID, do let us know and we’ll publish it.

Border U-14

But wait, there’s more!  By special request we present the Granjon Arabesque Fleurons in 18pt.  These six versatile ornaments have classical beauty and can be combined in as many ways as you can imagine; we have shown just a few here in the form composed to print the box label:

Collection 035

Our third and final new casting for this month is Border No. G-20 in 24pt.  Back in stock again are Dresden, Tangier, Umbra, Border U-9 and Collection No. 10.  So get printing, and we’ll see you soon at the APA Wayzgoose in St. Louis!  (See for details.)

Border G-020

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