News for May

Here’s a new 19th century revival that’s a must-have: Thunderbird Extra Condensed in full-face 36pt.  Dating to about 1860, it was the quintessential type of the Civil War and the Old West.  Imagine all the fun you could have
with a font (or two).

Thunderbird XC 36

Now jumping ahead seventy years, Monotype came out with a new variation on one of their existing faces, with a name that exemplifies the style trend of the day—Streamline.  We are pleased to offer a new casting of this eye-grabbing type in 36pt (the only size ever cut).  The design consists of only the 26 capitals.


And we’ve saved what may be the best for last: we are proud to present as Collection No. 36 the complete set of all 22 Primula Ornaments in 12 pt.  These lovely decorative elements were designed by Typefoundry Amsterdam about 1950 and cast in three sizes; this is the second-largest.  Use singly, use in lines as border, use in creative combinations.  Do not overuse.

Collection 036

All of the above are on the shelf and ready to ship—and as always, we’re busy working on more great projects this month.  Press on.

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