News for August

We’ve been busy since returning from the great Chicago Wayzgoose! Two new fonts this month:  Jessen Schrift in 16pt.  This is one of Rudolph Koch’s designs, released in 1930 for the Klingspor Foundry, and intended for Bible printing.  It’s an unusual hybrid of romanized capitals and blackletter lowercase with several stylized alternate characters and a handcrafted look.  (The name is in honor of Peter Jessen who was a major figure in the book arts of 19th century Germany.)  This casting was primarily a commission job, but many other printers expressed interest, so production was scaled up.  Even with a substantial amount of extra type included in the casting for stock, orders have continued to come in.  In addition to full fonts, a double lowercase supplement was also produced–and is already sold out.  There are a few full fonts still available, however, and these will be sold first-come, so do not hesitate.

Jessen Schrift 16
The second new release, Post Oldstyle Roman No. 2, 18pt, is a fine example of the “rugged” typography in fashion at the turn of the 20th century.  The designer was E. J. Kitson, a staff artist at The Saturday Evening Post, who created this face in 1900.

Post Oldstyle Roman No. 2

And lastly we present Border No. F-816 in 24pt.  It’s a bold, attention-grabbing byzantine design for which we just got the matrices.

Border F-816

The following type faces have been recast, and are back in stock available for purchase once again:  Della Robbia 36pt, and Trocadero 18pt.

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