Welcome to Our New Web Site

It’s long overdue, but we finally got a new and far better web site up and running!  Skyline was established in 2004, and soon there was a need for internet presence—and unable to find anyone to take that on, I slapped together an el-cheapo site myself on a do-it-yourself host.  It was rudimentary but served the primary purpose of making our Specimen Book & Catalog available by download.  We outgrew that site years ago, but again, I could not find a good local source to build a new one, and didn’t want to divert my energies from typefounding to deal with all the intricacies myself.  This summer things finally came together and the new site happened.  Many thanks to Sarah H. and Troy G. (both are Phoenix-area letterpress printers) who had what it takes to redesign the site and migrate it to a new and better host.  I’ve tinkered with it myself enough now to be able to make minor revisions and post the monthly update, and there’s plenty of room for growth and enhancements.  We also are tied into the various social media now.  Troy took it upon himself to create a Skyline Facebook page on his own time, and we’ll be going public with that very soon.  Thanks for following us!

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