News for March

This month we bring you two new fonts. First, the frivolous Adonis in 12 point. This face was released by American Type Founders in 1930; our type is cast from Intertype matrices.

Next we present the quasi-blackletter Washington Text in 14 point, a face that originated in 1904 with Philadelphia’s Keystone Type Foundry. The odd ‘flagged’ caps were described by that stuffiest of all typographers, Theodore L. DeVinne, as “graceful as an ox with one horn”. This one’s for you, D.K.!

Not to neglect the decorative material, here’s our latest: Border No. 288, 36 point. This classic single-element design will be versatile and useful in your shop.

Recast and back in stock: the ever-popular Sans Serif Light with Deco and Fashion Alternates, 24pt.

In these inflationary times, we have tightened up our shipping department with some new efficiencies that have lowered our costs. So effective today, we’re gonna buck the trend and cut back our flat rate shipping charge from $12.00 to $10.00—any order, anywhere in the USA. Call it our giveback to the letterpress community, with sincere gratitude for your business and your loyalty.

Pi Day Sale! The Greek letter Pi represents a mathematical constant, but is also a traditional letterpress term for metal type in quantity that is accidentally dropped, spilled, or otherwise hopelessly mixed up. On March 14 only, enter Coupon Code 3/14 when you place an order online and you’ll get a discount equal to our flat $10.00 domestic shipping charge. This is the first, last and only notice, so load up your wish list and be ready to pounce!

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