News for November

It’s the face that isn’t there! Like Umbra, our other invisible offering, you can only see the shadow. And the well-named Shadow in 24 point is the type selected by our Chief Casterman Jared as the new casting for this month. (Appropriate enough for November, when we see our own shadows lengthening.) The face was released by American Type Founders in 1935 and shamelessly flaunts the geometric curves of the Deco era.

Recast and back in stock are Collection No. 8—Stan Nelson’s Ghost Ranch Horizon from hand-cut punches, Collection No. 50 (starry tribute to Jen Farrell), and Cloister Old Style in 24pt (18pt is also in production now and should be in stock again this month). Both sizes of Cloister will have Lowercase Supplements available, though at this writing we haven’t yet got those packed up for sale. Another project completed in October was a recasting of the long-soldout Sans Serif Light in 48pt with Fashion alternate caps. These 13 alts, designated by Monotype only as “H93”, are so named by us due to their strong resemblance to Bernhard Fashion. This is more of a re-release than a restock. A specimen was not issued when the first casting was done back in 2008 (the plan was to do up a broadside with all sizes of Sans but that never came to fruition). So this time around you’ll find a specimen card in the November bundle of the Amalgamated Printers Association.

Busy as ever here and we’re getting steady inquiries and orders from letterpress newbies. Hot metal is alive and well!

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