News for May

As the zombie apocalypse drags on, we’re anything but idle here. Our two employees are keeping body and soul together quite nicely on the enhanced unemployment benefits now in place, and busy with their own home projects. Back here at Arizona’s premier type foundry, sales are down somewhat, but orders are being promptly filled and shipped as usual. I’m tackling secondary tasks that have been languishing at the bottom of the list. First is a major cleanout and reorganization of the offsite warehouse, where we keep spare machinery, presses awaiting restoration, and 3500 or so fonts of used type that are in line for sale on The Junk Bin or reincarnation in the melting pot. I also set to diagnosing a persistent back-squirt problem we’ve had on the Model 5 Linotype. Traced it to a broken part deep in the machine, got that replaced, and she’s running like a champ! (So far as I know, this is the only operational linecasting machine in the state of Arizona.) Restocks are well underway on sold-out Collections No. 48 and 49, the linecast decorative dashes. And some long-contemplated remodeling is in progress at the Skyline pressroom. A windowless 10-foot overhead door has been replaced by double 10-light French doors plus a glass-block sidelight. Other windows and more electrical outlets have also been installed, making the place a brighter and more pleasant working environment.

We do have one new item to offer this month. It’s Collection No. 59, the last of our antique dingbat sets, and the theme is Wings, Wheels, Rails and Sails.

This Covid thing will jolly well blow over and it’s no reason to put your life on hold. So go to the bloomin’ web site, order up some shiny new type, dust off the press and ink the old blighter up, and bob’s your uncle!

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