News for March

Continuing on with our antique dingbat series, this month we present Collection No. 54, with a classical theme, and Collection No. 55, odds & ends left over from all the other themed Collections. Two more of these still to come in future months!

There are times in the typefounding business when we come face-to-face with failure. Last month a recasting of the sold-out Arboret Ornament Suite was undertaken. This was known to be a very challenging project due to the irregular nature of the matrices, but we have successfully accomplished two castings before. After investing considerable time and labor, with the end in sight, mats began to fail. (They can deteriorate from continued shots of molten metal at high temp and pressure.) With no source to have replacements made, we are forced to admit defeat. The listing has been pulled down and we cannot produce this product again. Nothing left to do but dump the completed type into the hellbox, put the calamity behind us and move on to other projects. Such is life.

Back in stock: Latin Ornate, 24pt. New postings to The Junk Bin in February totaled 28. You are cordially invited to view specimens and details of these and all our other Fonts, Borders, Initials and Collections elsewhere on this site.

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