News for October

This month we bring you four new items. First off, Border No. 266 and Border No. 267, both in 18 point. These two Monotype elements appear to have been cut from the same pattern and the consecutive numbers might support that theory. Monotype does not show them in combination, and they’re not cut for two-color use, but they were chosen for production by our casterman T.H. who wanted to experiment with them in chromatic composition.

Next is Border No. 1625, a delightful 3-element “starry sky”, also in 18 point. This is one of Monotype’s later designs and is not shown in their big pre-World War II specimen book, but does appear in a subsequent undated leaflet.

Lastly we are pleased to present another antique revival: Bruce Ornamented No. 5. This spectacular 1869 face is yet another from the matrix collection of Chas. Broad, who cast and offered it in the 1960s with the contrived name of Old Carnival. It predated the standard point system but fits nicely on a 42 point body. (We do not cast or sell new quads & spacing of that size, but these are readily available from our friends at M&H Type in San Francisco. For V.I.P. treatment tell ’em Skyline sent you.)

Restocks accomplished in September: Egmont Decorative Initials and Border No. U-21. There were 24 new listings posted in The Junk Bin.

Coming up on Oct. 11-13 is the fourth annual Southwest Print Fiesta in Silver City, New Mexico. It’s a lovely town and a lively event, complete with steamroller printing! Skyline set up a table there last year, but we found that it’s really more directed toward art than printing, and do not plan to attend this year. Instead we’ll be busy packing up for The Big One–International Printing Museum’s Los Angeles Printers Fair on Oct. 19-20. The Skyline crew will be there with a double table and lots of shiny new type. (Online orders placed before the 18th will be hand-delivered free; when you check out, select Local Pickup as the shipping option, and add a note reminding us to bring it to the Fair.) Full info can be found at: See you there!

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