News for August

We continue to plumb (yes, Pb pun intended!) the depths of the Charlie Broad Matrix Collection, and this month’s new typographical treasure is Vaudeville in 36 point. This face is unknown prior to Charlie’s casting of it in the 1960s. A number of his releases were apparently done from 20th century optical type faces (including our Galena Title) and there is strong evidence that this is the case with Vaudeville. There’s a fair amount in circulation within the hobby letterpress community, so it evidently it was one of his more popular types.

Also new is Piranisi Italic in 18 point, a graceful script designed in 1930 by American Type Founders. It was ostensibly a companion italic to their Piranisi (a delicate, decorative roman), but oddly, the two faces bear little or no resemblance to one another.

Our 1st-of-the-month News is normally released at the crack of dawn. This time we were delayed until afternoon—and even before noon, emails were coming in wondering Where Is It? The reason: we were scrambling to get a proof and box labels printed for our third new item, Collection No. 51, the full set of 12 Lanston Scissorcut Ornaments. Check the listing for historical details.

Restocks accomplished during July are Hadriano Stone-Cut 24pt, Massey Two-Color Initials, and Border No. G-69; with 22 new postings in The Junk Bin.

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