News for June

Things are plenty busy here at Skyline! In May we signed on a new employee (for a crew of four now) and logged a very productive month. Just completed for your printing pleasure: Goudy Text Shaded in 36 point. This grand face was only cut in the one size, and it joins standard Goudy Text and the complementary Lombardic Initials (both in 48) in our product line.
Also new is Border No. F-784, a single-element design in 18 point.

Back in stock and available again are Delphian Open Title 18pt, Extended Black 24pt, Collection No. 7, and Borders No. 63, 1316, and A-771. (The latter is a new designation for Border No. U-8.)

Have you taken a look at The Junk Bin lately? Forty-four (44) more items were posted for sale last month—used and new-old-stock type fonts, borders, dingbats and hardware. A good many of these are in Dutch Auction, where the good stuff is; prices are marked down 4% every week and the oldest listings there have come way down. In the Equipment category we listed a set of five Ludlow composing sticks; and imposing furniture with cabinets, both full and pony fonts.

It’s APA Wayzgoose month! Our chief casterman T.H. (he sez it’s for “Type High”) will be making the long road trip to Nashville and representing Skyline with a limited selection of new type. We offer FREE DELIVERY of any order to the ‘Goose: when you place your online order, just select Local Pickup as the shipping option and add a note “Deliver to Nashville Wayzgoose”, and it shall be done.

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